ROC hierarch: Even if US abandons OCU, this project will remain smoldering

Bishop Savva (Tutunov). Photo:

Bishop Savva (Tutunov) believes that the OCU and the schism in world Orthodoxy are American projects that the United States does not intend to disavow publicly.

Bishop Savva (Tutunov) of Zelenograd, the Deputy Chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate, said on his Telegram channel that even if the United States abandons the OCU, this project will remain smoldering.

Bishop Savva, commenting on the words of US President Joe Biden, who announced “the end of the era of American interventions to build a better world in other countries”, wrote that the words of the American leader do not contain “good, repentance, correction of the evil created by these interventions”.

“And the point is not even that the hawks disagree with Mr. Biden, and not only that, due to the inevitable inertia, the colossus of US foreign policy will continue to work as usual. The fact is that the evil inflicted on another person, and even more so the harm inflicted on many other people, requires not only refusal from it, but also correction,” Vladyka noted.

As an illustration to his words, he cited the OCU and the schism introduced into the Orthodox Church, which he called "American projects". According to Bishop Savva, these projects, "even if the overseas patrons refuse them (it is doubtful, however), they will still exist, even smoldering".

“Overcoming this evil, if it is God's will, will take time. And the consequences for many specific people will not go anywhere. However, in the performance of the world hegemon, the correction did not turn out worse than the evil itself,” the hierarch believes.

He is confident that the United States will not "publicly disavow its destructive projects," since "Mr. Biden, of course, does not consider the actions of the United States to be evil, maybe, a bad business,” Bishop Savva summed up.

According to Bishop Savva (Tutunov), if Europe does not remember about Christianity, it will end.

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