Expert: UOC believers' activity thwarted possible provocations of Phanar

Political expert Daniil Bogatyrev. Photo: screenshot of the video of the First Cossack youtube channel

Danil Bogatyrev believes that precisely prayer standings of the UOC prevented Patriarch Bartholomew from any harsh statements or curses during his stay in Ukraine.

The engagement of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in defending their rights in recent months influenced the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople during his visit to Ukraine, political analyst Daniil Bogatyrev said on the 1Kozak Youtube channel.

He believes that, not least of all, this is connected with the activity of the "Miriane" public union, which organized prayer standings, made statements and appeals, which allowed the Church to actively voice the problem of the rights violations of UOC parishioners in the media. “In recent months, the "Miriane” organization has been vigorously raising the issue of defending the rights of believers in the UOC in the public space. While earlier this issue was linked to the date of the Baptism of Rus, when traditionally the largest religious procession of the UOC takes place in Ukraine, attended by hundreds of thousands of the UOC flock, now the problem of defending the rights of UOC parishioners is covered by the media almost every week, which is a big breakthrough for the Church," said the political expert.

It is this tendency, according to Bogatyrev, that chained down the head of Phanar in making harsh statements or actions during his visit to Ukraine at the invitation of the secular authorities. “It (the participation of believers of the UOC – Ed.) helped in a certain sense to thwart some provocations that Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople could have arranged taking advantage of his visit to Kyiv. Nevertheless, these provocations, harsh statements, curses and the like were not made against the UOC. Still, the believers of the largest denomination in Ukraine have proved they are united, ready to stand up for their faith and the Church and defend it from any attacks from the authorities, representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and schismatics,” the political analyst concluded.

As the UOJ reported, the trip to Kyiv was a complete fiasco for the head of Phanar, according to the church historian.

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