Expert: Bartholomew will insist on any lie for the sake of his reputation

Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople. Photo:

Political expert Ruslan Bortnik believes that the head of Phanar is hiding from his blunder with the Tomos for OCU and will no longer admit it.

Patriarch Bartholomew will insist on any untruth in order to maintain his reputation. Ruslan Bortnik, a political expert, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Politics, said in a commentary to the UOJ following the visit of the head of Phanar to Ukraine.

The Patriarch of Constantinople continues to persist with the idea that the Tomos issued to the schismatics contributes to the unity of all Orthodox Christians in Ukraine. According to the expert, "The Ecumenical Patriarch declares this because he does not want to admit his blunder and is hiding from it."

He explained that if the head of Phanar says something different, it will further undermine his reputation and confidence in him.

“Therefore, he will insist on any, even an obvious lie, just to maintain his reputation and status,” stated Ruslan Bortnik.

The UOJ also wrote that while thousands of believers of the UOC were trying to secure a meeting with the head of Phanar and tell him what the Tomos, issued by him, actually brought to Ukraine, the head of the OCU Epiphany claimed that his religious structure united three branches of Orthodoxy in Ukraine.

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