Filaret: One can't honor another patriarch by humiliating their own

Filaret Denisenko. Photo:

The UOC-KP called on the Ukrainian authorities to end the adverse and anti-state policy towards Filaret Denisenko.

On August 23, 2021, the UOC-KP was outraged by the fact that Filaret Denisenko was not invited to the festivities on the occasion of the anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine and declared that one should not honor someone else's patriarch at the expense of their own.

The press service of the UOC-KP noted that Filaret is "a symbol of the struggle for church independence," while "discrimination against him is an indicator of how sincere the current government is in its aspiration to establish the independence of our country, to bolster its sovereignty and power."

The Kyiv Patriarchate was outraged by the fact that Filaret's activities were hushed up in the media and called it "a wrong and dangerous practice to honor other people's patriarchs at the expense of humiliating their own patriarch of Kyiv."

The UOC-KP expressed a "resolute protest" against "unprecedented pressure and demonstrative disregard for the true patriot of Ukraine, the shepherd of the Ukrainian people – Patriarch Filaret" and called on the authorities "to stop this adverse, anti-state policy," and all patriotic forces – "to rally around the Ukrainian patriarch."

“We will not allow His Holiness Patriarch Filaret to be neglected and in his person – the entire Ukrainian state idea of its fighters,” the press service of the Kyiv Patriarchate summed up.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that Filaret Denisenko is ready to meet with the head of Phanar, but only as a patriarch.

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