UOC comments on tricks in social media on the cusp of Phanar head’s arrival

Spokesman of the UOC Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich. Photo: UOJ

The spokesman of the UOC believes that the calls on social networks to arrange "show" cross processions for Patriarch Bartholomew are provocative.

In a commentary for the UOJ, the spokesman of the UOC Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich said that the calls on social networks to hold a "show" cross processions in Kyiv, timed to coincide with the arrival of Patriarch Bartholomew, are provocative and do not have the blessing of the hierarchy.

“We know that Patriarch Bartholomew definitely arrives in Kyiv, and the laymen of the UOC demanded a meeting with him in order to hold him accountable for everything he committed in Ukraine. However, some unreasonably jealous Orthodox Christians are now spreading calls on social networks to arrange some kind of ‘alternative’ action and to hold a cross procession intended for Patriarch Bartholomew, duplicating the route of the cross procession dedicated to the Day of the Baptism of Rus,” said Fr. Nikolai. “I want to say that our Church has just hold the Great Cross Procession, which gathered more than 350 thousand believers, and we do not need to prove anything to anyone, including the Patriarch of Constantinople. I am sure that Patriarch Bartholomew has seen photos and video materials of July 27. As for the UOC, it has no plans to hold any cross procession specifically for the head of the Church of Constantinople, and it cannot have. We normally go on a cross procession to pray, rather than prove something to someone."

Archpriest Nikolai believes that any attempts to organize certain events on behalf of the UOC without the blessing of the hierarchy are not beneficial to the UOC and may have a provocative character: “Such arbitrary cross processions, which are not coordinated with the hierarchy of the UOC, can be used by opponents of our Church and eventuate a provocation."

“Of course, believers can and should show initiative in protecting the interests of the Church, but it should benefit everyone,” the priest believes. “On August 21, a prayer standing will be held, organized by the Public Union "Miriane" and attended by the UOC religious communities, including those affected by the raiding of the OCU. Believers are going to ask Patriarch Bartholomew how the Church of Constantinople intends to remedy what it has done in Ukraine. I think this action will be useful. Let the Patriarch of Constantinople think about how to answer them."

We will remind that the laity of the UOC call to come to the prayer standing on August 21 near the Verkhovna Rada and ask the Patriarch their questions.

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