In Carpathians OCU "consecrates" chapel on the site of “devil’s appearance"

A chapel in the Carpathians. Photo: Facebook community Хочу в гори

Travellers share photos of a stone chapel they found on the Chivchini range near the border with Romania.

In the Carpathians, a chapel was found, supposedly installed on the site of the "appearance of the devil". According to the regional resource KURS, the construction was initiated by one of the SBU officers and "consecrated" by local representatives of the OCU.

Photos of the stone chapel, which was built near the Baltagura valley and the Baba rock, close to the border with Romania, were posted on Facebook by the traveller Bohdan Saliy.

A sign on the chapel says that on July 19, 2017, at 13:28 in this area, there was reported "the appearance of the devil".

Another tourist, Anna Shandura-Shanina, shared a photo of this "phenomenon" placed on the chapel. It shows a small dark patch in the sky that, when magnified, resembles the horned head of a cow.

The regional forestry confirmed the existence of such an object, but they do not know who its author is.

According to KURS, the chapel "for protection from the devil" was established on the initiative of one of the employees of the Verkhovyna regional department of the SBU administration in Ivano-Frankivsk region, and it was "consecrated" by the local "priests" of the OCU.

The UOJ also wrote that in Kherson, OCU members built a "church" made of foam.

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