"Miriane" has their bill in defence of UOC registered in Verkhovna Rada

Prayer standing at the Verkhovna Rada, organized by the NGO "Miriane". Photo: pravoslavie.ru

The NGO "Miriane" will seek adoption of the bill that will abolish the discriminatory legal norms introduced under Poroshenko and allow the UOC to develop freely.

The bill in defence of the UOC was registered in the Verkhovna Rada, reports the press service of the “Miriane”.

“Our bill is already on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, its number is 5835. This is the result of our prayer standing on June 15 at the walls of the Parliament. This is just the beginning!” says the message on the movement's TG channel. "Now the laity must prove themselves not only as co-authors of the bill but as its main driving force."

“We must convince the parliamentary majority to adopt this bill, and the President – to sign the adopted law that will abolish the discriminatory legal norms introduced during Poroshenko time and allow the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to freely develop and operate in our country,” added “Miriane”.

As reported, on June 15, 2021, 20,000 believers of the UOC held the prayer standing at the Verkhovna Rada, where they handed over to the officials two bills in defence of the Church and also made a procession to the Office of Vladimir Zelensky.

The bills, which were prepared by the NGO "Miriane", provide for the abolition of anti-constitutional legislative norms adopted under Petro Poroshenko and directed against the UOC. MP Vadim Novinsky promised to help pass these bills.

As previously reported, Vadim Novinsky said that bills in defence of the UOC have already been registered in the Rada.

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