Head of OCChLS Met. Rastislav congratulats UOC on Day of Prince Vladimir

Metropolitan Rastislav. Photo: news.church.ua

The Primate of the OCChLS believes the choice of Prince Vladimir brought the people of Kievan Rus’ to a new stage of historical development.

On July 28, 2021, the Primate of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, His Beatitude Metropolitan Rastislav, congratulated the UOC on the Day of Remembrance of the Holy Prince Vladimir and the Baptism of Kievan Rus, reports the UOC Information and Education Department.

On behalf of Metropolitan Rastislav, the greeting address after the Divine Liturgy held in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra in the square in front of the Assumption Cathedral was read by Metropolitan Michael of Prague.

“I prayerfully congratulate you on the Day of Remembrance of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir – the remembrance of the Baptism of Rus!” wrote the Primate of the OCChLS.

According to him, "the choice made by the Holy Prince, through the waters of the Dnieper font, brought the people entrusted to him by God to a new stage of historical development".

“This allowed the East Slavic tribes to be partakers of the works of Saints Equal to the Apostles Cyril and Methodius, to invent writing and to know the Word of God by listening to and studying the Gospel,” he stressed.

“We offer special prayerful gratitude to Christ our Lord on this day and pray for all our brothers!” resumed Metropolitan Rastislav.

As reported earlier, on July 28, 2021, a member of the Synod of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, Metropolitan Michael of Prague, said that the faith of true Christians is being tempered in the trials that befell the UOC.

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