MP: UOC traces its history back to the Baptism, and what about schismatics?

Protodeacon Vadim Novinsky. Photo: screenshot

The UOC is the Church over which Prince Vladimir labored, while the OCU is just a structure, illegally created by the head of Phanar, Vadim Novinsky noted.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has kept the Logos of Christ since the time of the Baptism of Rus, which cannot be changed in favor of a new structure illegally created by Patriarch Bartholomew, said MP and Protodeacon of the UOC Vadim Novinsky in an interview with Anatoly Shariy's YouTube channel.

“Today is the birthday of our Church,” said Mr. Novinsky. “Through the efforts of Prince Vladimir, the Church was established on our land. Our Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, traces its history back to those times – 988. And those who backslid into schism (OCU – Ed.) – what time do they trace their history to? This is not the Church, these are schismatics, a breakaway structure that Patriarch Bartholomew founded in an absolutely illegal way. He had no right to do so."

The Protodeacon noted that the Holy Spirit dwells in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“Our Church has carried out the teaching of Christ since that time,” he noted. “Our Church has been sanctified by all the saints with whom our land abounds in great numbers.”

To better explain the difference between the canonical Church and the schismatic structure, Vadim Novinsky compared them to housing.

“Let me give you an example ... We live in a very beautiful, tidy apartment. Should we want to leave this apartment for another dirty, littered apartment, and – to make matters worse – rented? Well, this is not our apartment, this is a Greek apartment, or rather an Istanbul one,” he said.

As the UOJ reported, according to the Primate, the Day of the Baptism of Rus is the day of spiritual birth of our people.

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