"We're going to hell": protest video against prayer in NY posted on the Web

“Pro-choice” supporters protest a prayer service in New York. Photo: Tik Tok

The participants in the flash mob attempted to disrupt the Orthodox prayer service against abortion.

A video of a protest flash mob against the Orthodox, called Unholy Trinity, was published on the Web. On June 19, in New York, during a regular prayer service before the abortion clinic, led by Archbishop Michael of New York and New Jersey, OCA, the "pro-choice" supporters tried to disrupt the divine service.

The video features two men and a woman, dressed in diapers and wrapped in duct tape and interfering with the prayer service in every possible way. One of them thrusts a severed head of the doll into the bishop's face, the other shouts the words “let's have an abortion,” “we are going to hell,” and so on. The activists throw themselves to the ground, grabbing the praying people by their legs and clothes, shouting loudly into microphones and trying to wrap the Orthodox believers with tape. One of the participants hits the icon held by the Orthodox believers.

This video caused a backlash in Orthodox public chats. A cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church, Fr. Alvian Tkhelidze, wrote that this case is “a clear example of de-Christianization and liberalization of society. Who else wants to imitate America?" Archpriest of the UOC Alexander Ovcharenko spoke even more harshly on his telegram channel: “Farewell to the remnants of the mind and image of God. Pictures and performances of the demonic world, devoid of creativity, healthy connections and purpose and loaded with sick fantasies such movements abound with, destroy reality (or replace it with infernality, which is essentially the same) in the same consistent way in which it occurs by using drugs or engaging in spiritualism."

As the UOJ previously reported, believers of the Orthodox Church of America held a regular prayer service at the abortion clinic in New York.

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