A worship cross undercut near the church to install a flag In Vinnytsia

Worship cross, which was undercut for the sake of installing a flag. Photo: facebook of St. Nicholas church in Vinnytsia.

The parishioners of the temple ask all the concerned to prevent the desecration of the worship cross and to make sure that the contractor fulfills his commitment.

In Vinnytsia, opposite the St. Nicholas church, a worship cross was cut for the sake of installing the "largest" flag in the city, representatives of the St. Nicholas church reported on Facebook.

“Over the past two weeks, strange and disturbing events have taken place around the hill across the road from the St. Nicholas church, where a large worship cross (castle hill) is installed. First, the entire territory of the hill was fenced off and thereby access was blocked to the cross. And today the cross was undercut altogether! In a private talk with the rector of St. Nicholas church it was found out that according to the contractor, they were planning to install the largest flag in Vinnytsia, while the cross would be moved 4 meters deep into the hill with a pedestal and a flag installed in front of it. At the same time, Father Roman was promised that the restored cross would stand on the hill by the end of this Sunday!” wrote the representatives of the community.

“Given the fact that no one even informed the St. Nicholas religious community of, at the initiative and for the funds of which this cross had been erected, either before fencing it off or before its destruction, we ask all concerned people to make sure the commitments are fulfilled and possible desecration of the symbol of our salvation is prevented, because we all know very well what happens to those who raise their hand against any shrine,” added the parishioners of the temple.

As the UOJ previously reported, Metropolitan Varsonofy consecrated the crosses of the domes of a new church in Shevchenko village.

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