UOC spokesman shares his impressions of Congress of Monasticism in Pochayiv

Participants in the Congress of Monasticism of the UOC in Pochayiv. Photo: news.church.ua

The Congress of Monasticism held in Pochayiv is a historical milestone for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, says Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich.

Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich, Deputy Head of the Department for External Church Relations, shared his impressions of the Congress of Monasticism of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which took place on July 15, 2021, at the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra.

“The Congress amazed me – a lot of abbots and abbesses, hegumens gathered, but not all. In total, there were up to 300 participants, including about 200 abbots and abbesses. There were representatives of 80 monasteries and 88 nunneries – that is 168, while we have 258 monasteries and 56 sketes. Consequently, not everyone could attend the event. Anyway, that was nevertheless amazing. As some archimandrites told me later, we knew that monasticism is an important component of the life of the Church, but we did not expect that there are so many of us,” the UOC spokesman said in a video commentary posted on his YouTube channel.

He noted that the participants in the Congress touched upon extremely important and interesting topics, and their communication was very frank.

“It was felt that they all love the Church, live a church life, and it was nice to see such a humble spiritual strength, such a powerful monasticism our Church has,” the priest emphasized.

The Congress of Monasticism in Pochayiv became the largest of such events previously held, and all its participants noted the need to keep this up. Perhaps the next conference will take place this year, but in a different place – “they all want to meet regularly,” Fr. Nikolai added.

“Our monasticism exists, and it is large and powerful. <...> This event is to some extent a historical milestone for our Church. And not only because some appeals were accepted, not only because they all witnessed their unity with one another and together with His Beatitude, but also because they talk about purely ecclesiastic, profoundly spiritual issues.

<...> In general, I have very positive impressions, and despite the fact that there was not enough time for interaction, everyone felt the taste of this unity and got to know each other. I wish all this could have a positive continuation, because this is the heart, the spiritual bulwark of our Church,” summed up the spokesman of the UOC.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that on July 15, 2021, a Congress of Monasticism of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church took place at the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra.

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