UOC tells about progress of the Congress of Monasticism in Pochayiv Lavra

The Congress of UOC Monasticism of the UOC referred to the situation in World Orthodoxy and the life of monasteries in modern conditions. Photo: news.church.ua

22 bishops, nearly 300 abbots (hegumens), abbesses and representatives of monasteries and sketes of the UOC participate in the Congress of the UOC in Pochayiv.

On July 15, 2021, the Congress of Monasticism of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is held at the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, at which hierarchs, abbots (hegumens), abbesses and representatives of monasteries and sketes talk about the situation in World Orthodoxy and the life of monasteries in modern conditions, the UOC Information and Education Department reports.

During the Congress, Metropolitan Paul of Vyshgorod and Chornobyl made a report on the topic "The role and significance of monasticism in the salvation of the human soul", Abbess Seraphima (Shevchik) of the Archangel-Michael Convent in Odessa spoke about the fact that monasticism is the stronghold of canonical Orthodoxy.

Bishop Sylvester of Belogorodka, rector of Kyiv Theological Schools, spoke on the topic "The situation in World Orthodoxy as a result of the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew in Ukraine and the possible contribution of the monasticism of the UOC to its solution", Metropolitan Vladimir of Pochayiv – about monasticism in the modern world.

Stefana (Bandura), abbess of the Holy Dormition Zimnensky Stavropegic Monastery, prepared the report "Gadgets in the monastery: the use of mobile phones, networks, the Internet in the monastery – benefits and threats", while the governor of the Uzhgorod Resurrection Monastery, Archimandrite Mark (Kushtan), shared his thoughts on the topic “Vocation to monasticism. How to educate young people to strive for monasticism?"

The abbot of the Holy Trinity Akhtyrka Monastery, Archimandrite Simeon (Gagatik), shared his thoughts on the topic “Modern monasticism: the possible and the impossible,” while Metropolitan Arseny of Sviatogorsk spoke about the spiritual leadership in the monastery.

The vicar of the Boryspil diocese, Bishop Amvrosy of Zghurivka, presented a report "Enlightenment and educational activities of monasteries", the abbess of St. Anastasius Stauropegic Monastery in Zhitomir, Mikhaila (Furmanets), examined the features of spiritual leadership in nunneries.

As the UOJ reported, a Congress of Monasticism of the UOC commenced its work at the Pochayiv Lavra.

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