Putin writes about schism in Ukrainian Orthodoxy in his article

12 July 2021 23:21
Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin. Photo: Pravda Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin. Photo: Pravda

The head of the Russian Federation believes that in Ukraine the secular authorities intervened in church life for political purposes.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in his article "On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians" wrote about the schism of Orthodoxy in Ukraine, which, in his opinion, was organized by the secular authorities in order to achieve their political goals.

He believes that the broad autonomy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church while maintaining spiritual unity with the Moscow Patriarchate is a centuries-old symbol of the kinship of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians – the descendants of Ancient Rus. “Without hiding that they were pursuing political goals, the secular authorities rudely intervened in church life and brought the matter to a schism, to the seizure of churches, to the beating of priests and monks,” Putin wrote in his article.

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