Publicist: Phanar head acts as a businessman, not as a spiritual leader

Yan Taksyur. Photo: a screenshot of the video of the “1Kozak” Youtube channel

Yan Taksyur believes that Patriarch Bartholomew, by his destructive actions for Orthodoxy but beneficial to him personally, places himself outside the Church.

The actions of Patriarch Bartholomew aimed at seizing other people's churches and strengthening personal power characterize him as a businessman and a worldly person rather than a spiritual leader, said publicist Yan Taksyur in the Valeria Vedenyeva programme on the “1Kozak” Youtube channel.

He noted that the head of the Phanar demonstrates a purely secular power, severely punishing everyone who does not support the Ukrainian schism he organized. “He (Patriarch Bartholomew – Editor's note) is interested in real estate – temple buildings, he is interested in power – he severely punishes everyone who does not support the Ukrainian schism, who is on good terms with His Beatitude Onuphry and Patriarch Kirill,” said Taksyur. “He acts like an ordinary man of the world. It seems to me that this person is already outside the Orthodox faith and the Orthodox Church by his actions; otherwise, he would see what destructive consequences his actions entail."

According to the publicist, the head of the Phanar has become a tool of geopolitics for the US State Department, which, with the help of the alliance of Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew, controlled by him, is trying to take control of the entire Christian world. “They will put the Pope first in general, this (Patriarch Bartholomew - Ed.) – the second but the first Orthodox, and they, Americans, will control the Orthodox Church, well, that's what they intended,” resumed Taksyur.

As reported, a publicist said about the authorities: If you persecute the UOC, we will never vote for you!

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