GOC hierarch: Exchange of Rome-Phanar delegations is run-up to "union"

05 July 2021 22:27
Митрополит Серафим Пирейский. Фото: orthodoxia.info Митрополит Серафим Пирейский. Фото: orthodoxia.info

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus believes that with their visits to the Vatican, representatives of Phanar revere the papal mania for power.

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus of the Greek Orthodox Church believes that the exchange of delegations between the Phanar and the Vatican is a step towards a possible “union of churches,” reports Vima Orthodoxias.

In his commentary on the presence of the Phanar delegation in Rome on the day of remembrance of the apostles Peter and Paul, celebrated in the new style on June 29, Metropolitan Seraphim wrote that “the Vatican established the so-called ‘patronal feast’ to reinforce the papal delusion that he is the successor to ‘the prince of the apostles Peter’ and therefore, ‘the first visible head in the Church’."

According to the Greek hierarch, "the Vatican and Phanar are ‘being dragged into close relations’ by exchanging visits of delegations."

“Delegations of the Pope flock to Phanar with the corresponding Orthodox delegations flocking to the Vatican. It is noteworthy that these visits are of great importance for the advancement of the ecumenical goal – ‘the union of churches’," Vladyka said.

“’Important’ statements from both sides and mostly boring and pointless compliments are designed to cultivate in people the illusion that the conditions of the ‘union’ are ripe, that obstacles are ‘removed’, that the ‘intolerance’ of the past has been overcome by ‘love’, that, finally, modern conditions require unity for the good of mankind!” emphasized Metropolitan Seraphim.

Vladyka believes that “a delegation of Orthodox Christians from the Ecumenical Patriarchate went to Rome to ‘revere’ with their presence the papal mania for power. And worst of all: further advancement of the ‘union of churches’."

“We are very sad and alarmed by what is happening in the field of ecumenism. All we can say is that we need to be vigilant, because we expect that very unpleasant events await us soon!” summed up Metropolitan Seraphim.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, commenting on the statements of the Phanariot hierarch, noted that "even the most fanatical Uniate will envy Metropolitan Polycarp's unacceptable compliments to the unrepentant heresiarch ‘Pope’ Francis."

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