UOC hierarch: We report lawlessness at all levels, but the state is silent

Standing of believers of the UOC at the Verkhovna Rada. Photo: UOJ

The state must stop its anti-popular policy for the sake of peace and further development of Ukraine, emphasized Archbishop Nikolai (Pochtovy) of Vasylkiv.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church at all levels speaks of the crimes committed against it, but the state does nothing to stop them. Archbishop Nikolai (Pochtovy) of Vasylkiv said this on June 30, 2021, during a round table on the topic “Basic Law and Realities of Freedom of Religion in Ukraine. How does the Constitution of Ukraine work in relation to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church? "

“The question is extremely thorny: do we live in a state governed by the rule of law and what is happening if it is so? What is being done to the people in Ukraine and why are they suffering so much? It is necessary not to be silent but to speak in order to be heard? About 200 churches have been seized in our country, about 500 parishes have been forcibly transferred, and it is no longer possible to remain silent,”  emphasized the hierarch of the UOC.

He stated that both before and now the believers of the UOC are not heard.

“We cry at all levels about the ongoing lawlessness, but the state is silent. The state does nothing to rectify the situation and it seems that this is the policy it pursues. This would be comprehensible under the cadence of the previous president (Poroshenko – Ed.), but what is happening now given that the entire nation at the elections clearly expressed its attitude to the past policy? Why is this going on now?” said Archbishop Nikolai.

If it is within the framework of state policy, he added, the people should have their say then.

"The anti-popular and anti-state policy must stop for the sake of peace in Ukraine, for the further development of Ukraine, otherwise another question arises: where is Ukraine moving and what awaits us down the road?" said the hierarch and stressed that politicians must understand the goals and objectives of the Church, which lie outside the laws of this physical world.

As the UOJ reported, on June 30, 2021, a round table dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine is being held at the press center of the Ukrainian News Agency. The topic of discussion was “Basic Law and Realities of Freedom of Religion in Ukraine. How does the Constitution of Ukraine work in relation to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church?" The organizer of the event is the "Miriane" public union.

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