OCU cleric "worried about Ukraine" insults Volnogorsk residents from stage

The cleric of the OCU insulted the participants of the event on the occasion of Constitution Day in Volnogorsk. Photo: a screenshot of the video of TG channel of Miroslava Berdnik

In Volnogorsk, Dnipropetrovsk region, a representative of the OCU came to the event dedicated to Constitution Day and called the people present "shit".

A video in which the OCU cleric insults people from the stage, explaining this by “worrying about Ukraine” appeared on the Net. Journalist Miroslava Berdnik in her TG channel said that the incident took place on June 28 in Volnogorsk, Dnipropetrovsk region, at an event timed to coincide with Ukraine’s Constitution Day.

According to the UOJ, the main character of this scandalous situation is the "priest" Vadim Dobrogorsky, who "serves" in Volnogorsk in the former PrivatBank building at 15, Mira Boulevard.

In the video, the “clergyman”, with indignation and aggression, first turned to someone present at the event: “What is it? Why did you come here to smear your beard? " From the further context, it can be concluded that he addressed his appeal to a representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The audience reacted to his words by saying that this is not an act of a clergyman and where his culture is, to which the OCU cleric began to be frankly rude.

“What kind of culture? I'll tell you what kind of culture! I am worried about Ukraine. And all of you here are clapping to all these separatist priests, aren’t you? This is the truth I’m telling you. I will not come to any other events. Because shit is sitting here. Glory to Ukraine," said the "priest", leaving the stage.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the "hierarch" of the OCU called the believers of the UOC "cattle" and called to disperse the cross processions.

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