Filaret: Dumenko is the illegal head of OCU, God's judgment awaits him

Filaret Denisenko and Epiphany Dumenko. Photo:

The head of the liquidated UOC-KP accused Epiphany Dumenko of serving his earthly interests and urged him to think about eternal life.

Filaret Denisenko said that Epiphany is the illegal head of the OCU and recalled the judgment of God, "which none of us can avoid." The corresponding statement of the "patriarch" was published on the website of the UOC-KP on Friday, June 25, 2021.

“The Primates of the Local Orthodox Churches are elected at the Local Councils of this or that Orthodox Church. This was the case in Ukraine as well. Patriarch Mstislav, Patriarch Vladimir and Patriarch Filaret were elected to the post of Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church at the Local Councils of this Church. <...> Metropolitan Epiphany (Dumenko) was not elected at the Local Council of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, therefore his primacy is not canonical, i.e. illegal,” Filaret explained.

Dumenko still has not convened a "local council" of the OCU for fear that he will not be elected "primate", assures the head of the UOC-KP.

In addition, he believes, it is clear with the naked eye that Epiphany "does not serve the interests of the Church, for if he served the Church, he would keep its canons and traditions."

Filaret urged Dumenko to think about the eternal future and fair Divine judgment, "which none of us can avoid."

“We need to think about eternal blissful life and how to achieve it. Everything earthly is temporary and ends in death,” the 92-year-old “patriarch” recalled.

We will remind, earlier Filaret said that the "hierarchs" of the OCU are not positive about Epiphany.

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