In Nizhyn, "patriots" with US flags attack UOC cross procession

Provocation of radicals against the procession of the UOC in Nizhyn. Photo: video screenshot

Aggressive radicals encountered the prayer procession of the UOC faithful of the Nizhyn Diocese with insults and foul language and then put up a fight.

On June 23, 2021, in Nizhyn, Chernihiv region, radicals with flags of the United States and the Right Sector nationalist organization attacked the traditional procession of the Nizhyn Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and beat the believers.

Video from the scene, titled "Sabbath of the Moscow ‘church’ of the UOC FSB in Nizhyn. Attack on patriots”, was published on the Vsesvitno-Brovarske TV channel on Facebook by the participants in the provocation themselves.

As evidenced by the video, "patriots" stood in the way of the prayer procession with posters and flags – the United States and the "Right Sector". As the worshipers approached, cries of "Moscow bastard", "get out to Moscow", "shame" and others were heard. When the cross walkers reached the crowd of radicals, the latter provoked a fight by attacking the priests and believers. The clothes of one of the participants in the procession were completely torn.

The police were present at the scene and tried to calm down the aggressive people and stop the fighting.

The woman, who was filming the video, presented herself as a media employee and demanded that the believers explain why they were holding a procession in Nizhyn. She also accompanied her comments with obscene language, insulting the believers and the UOC as a whole, after which she shouted "death to the enemies."

We will remind, earlier, a flash mob was launched on the Web with an appeal to Zelensky to apologize for #жовті_кєпочкі.

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