UOC hierarch: The believers carried the coffin with Met. Mitrofan for 2 km

Metropolitan Mitrofan during the divine service. Photo: aleksandrovsk-prav.ru

Metropolitan Clement spoke about how the body of the deceased Metropolitan Mitrofan was delivered to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The head of the Information Department of the UOC, Metropolitan Clement (Vecheria), in an interview with the resource "Glavсom", said that the coffin with the body of the deceased Metropolitan Mitrofan was carried by believers for 2 kilometers.

Metropolitan Clement said that due to communication problems between the territory of the Luhansk region and Ukraine-controlled territories, the believers had to carry a coffin with the body of Metropolitan Mitrofan in their arms for several kilometers.

“In order to bury Vladyka Mitrofan, the believers carried his coffin two kilometers in their arms, because traffic is prohibited in Stanytsia Luhansk (at the checkpoint) ... Therefore, one can only imagine how people move there,” said Metropolitan Clement.

AS reported earlier, the UOC hierarch commented on rumours about the violent death of Met. Mitrofan.

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