Near VR: to radicals’ "Death to enemies" believers answer "Christ is risen"

Prayer standing of UOC believers near the VR. Photo:

“The police and SF were brought as if they were on the Maidan...This is not a small bunch of nationalists –  we are thousands here!" wrote one of the participants. 

On June 15, during the prayer standing of the UOC believers near the Verkhovna Rada, radicals tried to stage a provocation and began shouting nationalist slogans "Glory to the nation – death to enemies!", but Orthodox believers in thousands of voices answered them with Easter greetings "Christ is risen!", reports the “1Kozak” TG channel.

“Perhaps this measure (a lot of the police near the Verkhovna Rada – Ed.) was not unnecessary: radicals “patriots” also turned up near the Parliament. They shouted, "Glory to Ukraine - glory to the heroes!" It also came to the continuation of the chant: "Glory to the nation – death to the enemies!". However, their single cries were drowned in the response of hundreds of Orthodox Christians: "Christ is risen – truly, he is risen!" Over the sea of believers, the Easter greeting does not subside. In a cross procession, with Easter chants, people came to the Office of the President,” wrote the “1Kozak” TG channel.

As previously reported, the NGO “Miriane” and the UOC parishioners brought bills against the persecution of the Church to the Verkhovna Rada and the OP.

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