Funeral service for Nazi SS soldier performed in the main OCU Cathedral

14 June 2021 11:03
A funeral service for the SS man in the main cathedral of the OCU. Photo: Censor.NO A funeral service for the SS man in the main cathedral of the OCU. Photo: Censor.NO

A member of the SS "Galizien" division was buried in the St. Michael Monastery with the participation of military men from the presidential regiment.

On Sunday, June 13, the last rites were read for Orest Vaskula, soldier of the Nazi SS "Galizien" division, in the St. Michael Monastery, the main church of the OCU, reports.

The official resources of the OCU did not write about the event.

Soldiers from the presidential regiment attended the SS man's funeral service. This provoked a reaction from the MP Maxim Buzhansky.

“I don’t have and cannot have any claims against the funeral service, but I wonder who sent the soldiers of the presidential regiment to this event, in particular, after the response of the President's Office to the SS march on April 28 in Kyiv,” he wrote on the Telegram channel.

You should agree – if the presidential regiment is sent to an honorary funeral of the SS men, then what claims can there be against the SS men marching? "

The MP noted that he would send a parliamentary inquiry to the military leadership with a request to clarify who "is setting up the president this way."

“I’m just curious, there are no consequences, you can see for yourself, although shoulder straps are ripped off for this in a decent society,” he wrote.

As the UOJ reported, an SS "Galizien" the Uniates performed a funeral service over a soldier was in the UGCC temple of Stryia.

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