"Miriane" to seek dismissal of hate monger from Lviv RSA

11 June 2021 20:33
Dmitry Gorevoy. Photo: t.me/miryany Dmitry Gorevoy. Photo: t.me/miryany

The appointment of an enemy of the UOC and an OCU adherent, Gorevoy, to the post of head of the Division for Religions at the LRSA is unacceptable, "Miriane" stressed.

The public union "Miriane", created by the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, will seek the dismissal of Dmitry Gorevoy from the post of head of the Division for Religions and Nationalities of the Department for Culture, Nationalities and Religions of the Lviv Regional State Administration, reports the organization's TG channel.

The NGO “Miriane” published copies of documents on the appointment of Gorevoy to this position, received from the LRSA at their request.

“Gorevoy hosts the “DetectorUA” YouTube channel, where he is engaged in manipulations and disseminates blatantly false information, inciting hostility towards the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and mocking the feelings of believers,” the organization recalled. <...> Before us is a portrait of a full-time propagandist of one specific structure, who took part in acts of discrimination and persecution of the UOC. Now we have received official confirmation that he was appointed a public servant to regulate issues of nationalities and religions in one of the most problematic areas of Ukraine. This is at least absurd and completely unacceptable."

In addition, Gorevoy was an assistant to the former MP Viktor Yelensky – one of the main "guides" of the Tomos for the OCU, the ideologist and author of anti-church laws, "Miriane" recalled. He is also a co-founder of the "Centre for Religious Security" organization and the Internet site "Tserkvarium", which openly lobby for the interests of the OCU, deny the facts of the seizure of churches of the UOC and try to discredit the canonical Church.

The organization is convinced that such an official as head of the Division for Religions at the Lviv Regional State Administration will incite religious enmity and hatred in the entire region, where a loud persecution of the UOC community in Zolochiv is already taking place, which was reported to the OSCE.

“We are taking control of the situation with the appointment of Gorevoy, preparing an appeal and will seek to dismiss Gorevoy from his post. He does not have to pass the six-month probationary period assigned to him. And those who made the decision to appoint a clearly biased candidate with such a reputation for a position that requires objectivity, neutrality and humanism must understand and admit their mistake. Such people as Gorevoy have no place in the civil service,” the organization stressed.

As reported earlier, the OCU propagandist will head the Division for Religions of the Lviv region.

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