UOC responds to Tkachenko's words about the importance of religious harmony

09 June 2021 16:20
Bishop Victor (Kotsaba) of Baryshevka. Photo: news.church.ua Bishop Victor (Kotsaba) of Baryshevka. Photo: news.church.ua

In view of the aggression towards the UOC, religious harmony in Ukraine is still only a dream, said Bishop Victor (Kotsaba) in response to Tkachenko's statement.

Minister of Culture of Ukraine Alexander Tkachenko, who has recently said that religious harmony in the country is more important than renaming the UOC, understands the inevitability of a dialogue between the authorities and the largest confession in Ukraine, said the head of the Administrative Office of the Kyiv Metropolis, Bishop Victor (Kotsaba) of Baryshevka on his Telegram channel.

“Given the political convictions and confessional affiliation of Alexander Tkachenko, his words should not be interpreted as support for the UOC,” the hierarch emphasized. “However, as an official, he perfectly understands that dialogue with the UOC will still have to be held.

Indeed, despite all the attempts of various political forces to neutralize the influence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on society, it remains the largest religious denomination in Ukraine. In other words, millions of believers stand behind the UOC, and it is simply impossible to disregard them."

According to Vladyka Viktor, this is precisely why Tkachenko said that any "dramatic movements" on the issue of renaming the UOC could anger society and cause waves of support or protests from both sides.

"And they will also violate the Constitution of Ukraine, basic democratic principles and freedoms," the bishop added on his own behalf.

In response to the Minister of Culture that peace and religious harmony are still preserved in Ukraine, Vladyka Victor noted that “given the constant aggression towards the UOC by some media and individual politicians, given the continuation of the seizures of our churches, this is only a dream”.

The bishop of the UOC expressed a desire that the current officials do not repeat the mistakes of the previous government but try to correct them.

“After all, prosperity in a country begins with an attempt to conduct a dialogue, from attempts to hear each other, from a desire to unite the people and not divide them according to political or religious convictions. And if our officials understand this, it will be better for everyone,” he resumed.

As reported, Alexander Tkachenko said that religious consent is more important than renaming the UOC.

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