Phanar hierarch calls the Pope his patriarch and beloved father

Hierarch of Phanar, Metropolitan Polycarpo. Photo:

The Phanar spokesman in Italy said he had taken the pope's blessing for his ministry as bishop.

Metropolitan of Italy and Exarch of Southern Europe of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Polycarpo (Stavropoulos), called Pope Francis his patriarch and beloved father, according to Vatican News.

Metropolitan Polycarpo met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. According to the Phanar representative, "it was a very cordial meeting of the son with his beloved father, the meeting of the bishop with his primate and patriarch."

“I asked for his papal blessing for my ministry again in Italy as a bishop, and this time I assured him that I fervently pray that God grant him many years of physical and spiritual health for the good of the Universal Church, as well as for the well-being of every person of goodwill,” Metropolitan Polycarpo said.

He also said that the representatives of the Phanar in Italy are doing a lot for the ecumenical dialogue: "this is one of the main vectors of our archdiocese: ecumenical dialogue with every person of good will, and, above all, with our Catholic brothers."

Metropolitan Polycarpo stressed that dialogue with Catholics "is the main goal of our diocese, especially in this treasures and holy land, which coincides with the center of the Roman Catholic Church."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Pope hopes for the entry of the RCC and the Phanar "complete visible unity".

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