UOC Сhancellor explains reasons for public revelations of media persons

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) of Boryspil and Brovary. Photo: foma.in.ua

The temptation by publicity is quite common nowadays, said Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich).

The Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) of Boryspil and Brovary, explained the reasons for public revelations by media, and not only, people, who willingly expose to the public the detailed, often unpleasant pages of their lives. The Metropolitan's reflections on this topic were published by ‘KP in Ukraine’.

“A person, successful or not, cannot keep all emotions in themselves,” the Metropolitan explained. “A person needs to share his/her experiences with someone - with a spouse, family, friends, etc. Everyone needs support, especially when it comes to something that gnaws at the person. For example, your own unseemly act. We all know how hard it is at times to be alone with yourself and your sins."

He noted that for a Christian the way out of this situation is clear – confession: by confessing sins to the Lord through His servant, repenting and regretting sins, a person is freed from their power and "removes all the dirt from the pages of his soul".

“But what about a non-church person? Now it is fashionable to contact various psychologists and psychotherapists. But this does not always help. And someone does not need this either. After all, in order to go to a psychologist, you need to admit that you have problems.

And here is the key point. Most celebrities who are ready to present their "dirty laundry" to the public feel problems only deep inside, do not associate them with their sins, and cannot admit their own guilt to themselves. But you can't deceive your soul. So the "stars" are bursting with pain, fear and horror from within, but instead of Christian confession, a surrogate is obtained in the form of "confession" before the public. Such a kind of "therapy". After all, the attention of the public is the drug that can drown out the inner pain for a while. But only for a while ... "- emphasized the UOC Chancellor.

At the same time, many, by no means famous, people behave this way in public space, including some Christians, he stated.

“The temptation by publicity is quite common nowadays. Therefore, we should always consider the motives of our actions, our public behaviour. Especially now, when, thanks to the Internet, personal space is becoming less and less. Let's not forget that our main judge is not the readers of our pages on social networks, but the Lord Himself. And He sees our souls right through to the very bottom. And we can only turn to Him for help and healing,” resumed Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary.

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