Words of late theologian about Phanar’s politics in 80s recalled in Greece

Theologian and lawyer Athanasius Sakarellos (1939–2021). Photo: orthodoxostypos.gr

In the article "Oἱ-φαναριῶτες-χωρὶς-φραγμούς" the Greek theologian Athanasius Sakarellos spoke about the Patriarchate of Constantinople’s rapprochement with the Vatican.

In Greece, the newspaper "ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΟΥ ΤΥΠΟΥ" ("Orthodox Press") recalled the words of the Greek theologian and lawyer Athanasius Sakarellos from his article published in 1982, which criticized the policy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople aimed at destroying the Orthodox Churches and rapprochement with the Roman Catholic Church, reports the blog «Трость скорописца».

In the publication of Athanasius Sakarellos, who died in February 2021, entitled "Oἱ-φαναριῶτες-χωρὶς-φραγμούς", it is said that since the 1920s, "as Meletius Metaxakis ascended the patriarchal throne of Tsargrad, a group of traitors, except for Patriarch Maximos V, has dishonored and discredited the Ecumenical Patriarchate ". In 1982, he writes that “And today the Patriarchate (Patriarchate of Constantinople - Ed.) is filled with people who do not know Orthodoxy at all, who hardly believe in Christ, but at the same time they do not cease to cynically speculate in His name and desecrate Him".

The publication says that the Phanar is ruled by external forces and therefore the policy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople "has only one goal: to involve all Orthodoxy in its betrayal". “Because this is what their owners are striving for. The Phanariots took on the task of corrupting other Orthodox Churches. If Phanariots exist for anything today, it is to achieve their goal. And for cover, they take ‘two steps forward and one step back’. Two steps to meet the Pope and one step back to Orthodoxy in order to soften the discontent of the faithful” wrote Athanasius Sakarellos in the 1980s.

As reported, the United States will grant the Phanar financial independence for its "apostolic mission" in the world.

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