Pantokrator and Xenophontos abbots invite Dumenko to Mount Athos

25 May 2021 23:01
Abbot Gabriel and Abbot Alexy. Photo: screenshot Abbot Gabriel and Abbot Alexy. Photo: screenshot

The abbots of the Athos monasteries said they knew about Dumenko's "achievements" and wished that a real Orthodox spirit be in the OCU.

The abbots of the Athonite monasteries Pantokrator and Xenophontos invited the head of the OCU Sergei (Epiphany) Dumenko to the Holy Mount Athos for joint prayer. Ivan (Eustratiy) Zoria, the "archbishop" of the OCU, told about this on his Facebook page.

Archimandrite of the Athos monastery Pantokrator Gabriel said that he knew about the "achievements" of Dumenko and the "achievements" of the OCU and was happy about them.

He said that Dumenko was "very much loved" on Mount Athos and invited him "to meet in person to serve and rejoice together."

In turn, the abbot of another Athos monastery Xenophontos, Archimandrite Alexy, also invited Dumenko to Mount Athos.

Abbot Alexy considers the Tomos of the OCU a "gift of God" and assured that he constantly prays that "peace comes to the Church of Ukraine, that love reigns and that there is a true Orthodox spirit that must be inherent in all of us."

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that Epiphany intends to visit Mount Athos in the near future.

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