In Farbovane priest “transfers” сommunity to OCU against its will

18 May 2021 23:00
The temple dome. Photo: The temple dome. Photo:

Priest Yevgeny Zotov gathered ten people of his supporters, who as "ten" re-registered the UOC community. Believers of the UOC are asking to appoint a new rector.

In the village of Farbovane of the Boryspil Eparchy of the UOC, priest Yevgeny Zotov has formalized the "transfer" of the religious community to the OCU, reports the "hierarch" of this structure Alexander (Drabinko) on his Facebook page. Drabinko also said that he "accepted" the community into his eparchy.

The Boryspil eparchy lawyer, Archpriest Alexy Nosenko told the UOJ that this "transition" was carried out in a fraudulent manner. Zotov gathered ten people of his supporters, formalized them as the church "ten" and immediately re-registered the community to the OCU.

“The information about the transfer of the UOC community of the village of Farbovane to the subordination of the OCU is not true,” the priest said. “Since 2001, the parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been operating in the village of Farbovane of the Boryspil district, Kyiv region. The young priest Yevgeny Zotov, who has served in the parish during the last year, decided to move to the OCU. The religious community of Farbovane remains in the bosom of the canonical Church."

Fr. Alexy said that at the meeting the members of the church community took a decision to express their loyalty to the UOC.

“At the meeting, it was decided not to change confessional affiliation and remain in the bosom of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the omophorion of His Beatitude Onuphry, Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine. Moreover, the parishioners condemned Fr Yevgeny’s actions and asked the managing bishop to appoint a new rector,” Archpriest Alexy said.

Earlier, the court did not satisfy the claim of the UOC on the illegality of the "transition" of the community in Zadubrivka.

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