Presenter of Channel 5 calls on OCU to forcibly defend temple in Zabolotye

Vitaly Gaidukevich is a presenter of Channel 5 and a member of the European Solidarity political council. Photo:

Channel 5 reporter V. Gaidukevich complained that the police did not help the OCU to seize the UOC church in Zabolotye so they would have to use force themselves.

The OCU has no other choice but to "have the force" on its own to defend the church in Zabolotye seized from the UOC community, said Vitaly Gaidukevich, a member of the central political council of the Poroshenko party and Channel 5 host, on his Facebook page.

Gaidukevich was outraged by the “illegality” of the actions of the UOC community, which did not agree to hand over its church to the raiders. He expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the temple was sealed and wrote that it was allegedly done on the personal instructions of Avakov.

The presenter of Channel 5 called the numerous parishioners of the UOC church “dozens of aggressive zabrod”, “ROC agents” and “assault priests of Russian-religious units”. In fact, they are all Ukrainians and residents of Zabolotye.

Gaidukevich noted that he sees no other way out for the OCU than to "independently have the force to protect their property," since the police "are on the side of rights violators".

In the comments under the post of Poroshenko fellow party member, it was written that not only Zabolotye but also Varash (the nearest regional center) is ‘vata’ (pro-Russian – Trans.) “This mold is enough everywhere, of course,” answered Gaidukevich.

As the UOJ reported, on May 10 in Zabolotye, OCU activists, with the support of district deputies, seized the UOC temple. As a result of negotiations with activists of the OCU, the temple of the canonical Church in the village of Zabolotye was sealed, and the keys were given to the police for safekeeping.

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