Epiphany explains why now is not the time to take lavras from UOC

The head of the OCU Sergey (Epiphany) Dumenko. Photo: a screenshot of the "Channel 5" video

Dumenko said that now it is not worth inciting religious hatred since Ukraine is fighting the aggressor and the coronavirus. One needs to wait.

The head of the OCU, Sergey (Epiphany) Dumenko, in an interview with Channel 5, explained why his structure does not take away the Ukrainian lavras, which, as he believes, are now “in spiritual occupation”. According to him, “we cannot take these lavras so easily now,” because “we see what is happening on our borders”.

“It will be enmity, it will be a struggle, it takes time,” Dumenko said and explained that now it is not worth stirring up religious hatred since Ukraine is fighting the aggressor and the coronavirus. “It would be wrong to open another religious front. We need to wait and be patient because now is not the time."

Dumenko also said that religious enmity is kindled by those who show that the OCU seizes churches.

“We are doing everything to get united on the basis of love so that there is no such enmity,” the head of the OCU said. “Now we see the transfers of many communities – but these are communities that have decided in their majority. And there are still a lot of communities that are simply afraid to take such a decisive step because there are many obstacles along the way."

According to Epiphany, enmity is kindled by those who speak of the seizures of temples.

“There are certain oligarchs in Ukraine who finance, artificially incite this enmity, show that we are seizing churches,” he added.

At the same time, in another place in the interview, Dumenko called the UOC (he called it "the Russian Church" – Ed.) "our enemy".

Earlier Dumenko said that absolutely all Orthodox communities in Ukraine, including those in the UOC, belong to the OCU.

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