Epifaniy intends to visit Athos in the near future

03 May 2021 18:45
Sergei Dumenko. Photo: pravda.com.ua Sergei Dumenko. Photo: pravda.com.ua

On Athos, the head of the OCU will raise the issue of arranging the Ukrainian skete.

The head of the OCU, Sergei (Epifaniy) Dumenko, announced plans to soon visit Holy Mount Athos.

He said this in an interview on Channel 5, answering the viewer's question, “which of the sketes or monasteries of Athos Bartholomew (Patriarch of Constantinople – Ed.) is ready to give to the UOC (OCU – Ed.).”

“I’m going to visit Athos soon, and then we will talk specifically about where to place our Ukrainian skete,” Dumenko said.

As reported by the UOJ, earlier social networks told how Athos actually treats the OCU.

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