Zelensky offers to meet with Putin in Vatican

28 April 2021 15:08
President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: president.gov.ua President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: president.gov.ua

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky proposed to discuss the conflict in Donbass with the Head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the Vatican.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky proposed to hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Vatican to discuss the conflict in Donbass, la Repubblica reports.

“The Holy See could be an ideal place to talk about peace in Donbass. A mediator with such powers will bring confidence that has so far been lacking in our efforts to reach an agreement,” Zelensky said, adding that “the meeting will definitely take place.”

“It is necessary to stop the war in Donbass and move towards a just and lasting peace. But what should be the agenda for these negotiations? What steps will lead us to peace? Where and when will these steps be agreed? These are open questions, and, in my opinion, we will receive answers as soon as direct consultations begin between the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Administration of the President of Russia. For my part, I have already given all instructions to organize consultations to the head of the Office, Andrei Yermak,” the President noted.

He also stated that "there has been no real direct dialogue between Ukraine and Russia for a long time." This, he said, does not contribute to the strengthening of mutual trust.

“It seems to me that the meeting can be held in a place that embodies peace and dialogue. In my opinion, a place carefully chosen for conducting this very difficult dialogue about peace can contribute to solving the issue,” Zelensky stressed.

Earlier, the Head of State announced that he intends to discuss the position of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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