RCC hierarch: The use of embryonic tissue in vaccines is satanism

Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Photo: gloria.tv

The Catholic Bishop Schneider believes that the exploitation of embryos as a reservoir for biological material is an abomination that must be opposed.

The Roman Catholic Bishop Athanasius Schneider believes that the use of embryonic tissues for the production of vaccines is devilish in nature.

In a letter to the Italian initiators of the movement for life, the full text of which was published by gloria.tv, the Catholic bishop writes that "moral chaos" that now seems to be imposing itself on the world and there is "a drift towards transhumanism, which is becoming increasingly explicit, "the culture of death dominates" the legislation of present-day states.

“Hence the need for a new pro-life movement without compromise, without inferiority complexes vis-a-vis the world, and that is never subordinate to the ideologies of modernity,” write the bishop.

“This new pro-life movement cannot remain silent about that monstrous and global structure of sin that is crying out to God for vengeance: the routine use by pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries of human cell lines from aborted embryos and fetuses. The exploitation of human embryos and fetuses as a reservoir of biological material is an abomination that every reasonable man and woman of goodwill should oppose by denouncing its perverse and diabolical nature,” highlighted the Catholic hierarch.

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