UOC rep: Despite dark clouds, it’s important to celebrate Easter worthily

Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary. Photo: UOC Chancellor’s Facebookk page

In the last days of Great Lent, Met. Anthony urged not to succumb to temptations and focus on the days to come – the memories of Christ's sufferings on the Cross.

The closer the Resurrection of Christ, the denser the clouds over the horizon of life, but it is important not to lose heart but to prepare worthily to celebrate His Bright Resurrection, said Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) of Boryspil and Brovary, the UOC Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in a commentary to the “Orthodox Life” portal.

The metropolitan recalled that the history of mankind is full of examples of unexpected, cardinal turn of events. God has many scenarios, he explained, only complete trust in Him is required of us.

“If something terrible happens, then this is undoubtedly the least possible and for our good,” noted the UOC Chancellor. "This is not a punishment but a correction of the behavioral line from a perfect teacher, surgeon, loving Father."

According to Metropolitan Anthony, the family of royal passion-bearers – the last emperor and his relatives – can be an excellent example to follow.

Understanding well what was in store for them, until the last minute they did not lose their human appearance and kept their "posture", continuing to do their daily activities, and no one fell into despondency and discontent: “The trouble only joined them, they carefully supported each other. Despite the poor circumstances and boorish attitude towards them, they did not let themselves down, facing the end with dignity."

This example, the metropolitan explained, can teach us that we need to honestly try to fulfill all our duties to the last: not to leave the post, not to abandon the service that the Lord has assigned to everyone, to do all our usual things, not to panic and get hysterical.

“We don’t know our last minute, we don’t know how the day will end,” he says. “It does not depend on us. But it is clear that trust in God depends on us. The belief that He cares for us every second like no one else. He does everything in the best possible way, of which each of us during his life could be convinced more than once.”

The closer the Big Feast – Resurrection of Jesus Christ – the denser the clouds over the horizon of life, the UOC Сhancellor stated.

“We Christians call this a temptation. Let us not give in, let us not be discouraged, but let us focus on the days to come – the memories of Christ's sufferings on the Cross, let us prepare ourselves worthily to celebrate His Bright Resurrection.

Let's trust God to lift the clouds over our heads. And we ourselves will do what depends on us: we will show mercy to our neighbour, we will soften our heart, we will be merciful and compassionate, we will not squabble and sow panic. In the last days of Lent, let's be more attentive and tolerant of each other. And the Lord, seeing this little sacrifice of ours, will reward us a hundredfold,” resumed Metropolitan Anthony.

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