Hierarch of SOC: The head of Phanar has no power in Orthodoxy

Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo: ukrinform.ru

Archbishop Jovan believes that Patriarch Bartholomew has only the primacy of honor, but not the primacy of power in Orthodoxy.

Archbishop of Ohrid of the Serbian Orthodox Church Jovan (Vraniskovski), who heads the Ohrid See of the SOC in North Macedonia, believes that the Patriarch of Constantinople does not have power in the Orthodox Church, but only has "primacy of honor", RIA reports.

According to Vladyka Jovan, "Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople does not have the right to absolute primacy in the Orthodox world," since "this does not correspond to the doctrine of the Church."

He stressed that “the Ecumenical Patriarch is not elected by the entire Orthodox Church, but only by the Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. And for this reason, he cannot be "the first without equals", but simply the first among equals, as we recognize him."

Vladyka Jovan also explained that this status of the head of Phanar "implies only a certain general coordinating role of the Primate of Constantinople but not any authoritative powers."

According to him, this is exactly where "the situation in the Orthodox world differs from that in the Catholic Church, where the Pope enjoys the full power, and he really is ‘the first without equals’ among other Catholic bishops."

“Patriarch Bartholomew does not have such rights to primacy in the Ecumenical Church. Moreover, given the way he does it,” concluded the leader of the Orthodox of North Macedonia.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that, in the opinion of Vladyka Jovan (Vraniskovski), once the trials are over, the life of the UOC will become better.

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