UOC believer from Mnyshyn wins trial in case of beating by OCU activist

The seized Protection Church of the UOC in Mnyshyn. Photo: UOJ

Liubov Lishchuk, hit by an aggressive fellow villager and supporter of the OCU during the seizure of the UOC church in Mnyshyn, defended justice in court for two years.

The believer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the village of Mnyshyn, Rivne region, won a court case against her fellow villager, a supporter of the OCU, who beat her during an interfaith confrontation near the Holy Protection Church in 2019, reports a UOJ correspondent.

On April 13, 2021, the Demydiv District Court held another hearing of the lawsuit filed by Liubov Lishchuk, a regent of the Holy Protection Church of the UOC, regarding her beating on May 12, 2019.

“On that day, the churchyard turned into a battlefield,” said the victim. “Activists from the OCU came to take away our church, but we tried to defend it. And during the collision, my neighbour, Halina Danyliuk, hit me on the head. After the blow, I had to go to the hospital for medical aid and underwent treatment for a long time. "

The injured believer of the UOC did not go to court immediately, but only after she saw even more negative from the aggressive neighbour.

“She doesn’t say hello, she calls me names,” Liubov Lishchuk explained. At first, I tolerated that, then I filed a lawsuit to seek justice."

The claimant had to wait almost two years. The advocate of the OCU supporter was her son-in-law, who, as the believer supposes, delayed the consideration of the case.

“You know, this time even the prosecutor Yuri Brozhik could not stand it and offered to pay me moral compensation. But the judge still managed to get Halina Danyliuk to apologize to me and pay the amount I spent on the treatment,” said the victim.

As earlier reported, OCU activists beat up believers of the UOC and seized the temple in Mnyshyn. The invaders do not even allow the parishioners to take their belongings. They also removed the icon of the Mother of God from the temple, hanging the state flag instead of it.

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