Vatican Secretary of State announces decline of faith and reason in Europe

15 April 2021 14:15
Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. Photo: Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. Photo:

66-year-old Cardinal Pietro Parolin said that first there was a decline of reason and then of true faith in Europe.

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin believes that Europe is facing "a decline of faith and reason", caused by the adoption of the laws on euthanasia and abortion.

“I am very sorry I have lost faith in our Europe, in our culture, in our countries because of these anthropological changes that make us forget the identity of the human person. First of all, it is a loss of reason, followed by a loss of faith,” Cardinal Pietro Parolin said in an interview with the Spanish COPE network on April 5.

The priest noted that the Church must "offer a coherent and convincing testimony of the Christian life."

“The situation in which we are living can be compared with the first centuries of the Church's existence, when the apostles and the first disciples arrived in a pagan society devoid of Christian values. But they managed to change the spiritual code of society, to introduce the Gospel truths into it. I think this is what we should be engaged in today,” he commented.

During the interview, the cardinal also gave his vision of the personality of Pope Francis. According to him, the Pope is "a simple person" who cares very much about being closer to people.

Parolin, 66 years old, has served as Vatican Secretary of State for the past eight years.

Earlier, the German cardinal Walter Brandmüller said that the Catholic Church in Germany is actually going into schism and preaching heresy. 

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