A march to be held in honor of SS Galician Division in Kyiv

Embroidery march in honor of the 75th anniversary of the creation of the SS Galician Division in 2018 in Lviv. Photo: gazeta.ua

On April 28, in Kyiv, a march of embroidered shirts was announced to honor the SS division convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal for punitive operations in Europe.

A march of embroidered shirts is slated for April 28, 2021 Kyiv on Great Wednesday in honor of the 78th anniversary of the formation of the SS Galizien Infantry Division from Ukrainian volunteers, which in World War II participated in punitive and military operations on the side of Nazi Germany against partisans in Europe and Ukraine. The march is reported by the Ukrainian Military Honor Telegram channel with reference to the organizer Andriy Medvedko, a Ukrainian nationalist, member of the ultra-right organization "S14" and one of the alleged killers of Oles Buzina.

The organizers of the march are confident that the National Police will not interfere with the procession and declare their intention to adhere to quarantine restrictions. “We are sure that the police will not interfere with our march, the organizers of the march in honor of the Galician Division write in Telegram. All the right-wing is welcome to join us on a bright day of April 28th in the capital of Ukraine. "

The Nuremberg Tribunal recognized the SS Galizien Division as a criminal organization that committed war crimes. In 2016, the Polish parliament qualified the crimes of the division's soldiers against the Polish population as genocide.

Announcement of the embroidery march in Kyiv in honor of the creation of the SS Galician Division. Photo: Telegram channel Ukrainian Military Honour

As reported by the UOJ, the court recognized the symbols of the SS Galician Division as Nazi.

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