Expert: UOC needs to defend its rights in the international arena

Expert Yuri Molchanov. Photo: screenshot of the 112 Ukraine Youtube channel

According to journalist Yuri Molchanov, the UOC should use "the entire arsenal of legal levers" to combat the infringement of the believers’ rights.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church must fight anti-church laws in the international arena, journalist Yuri Molchanov believes.

“The adoption of laws that infringe on the rights of believers entitles the UOC to use the entire arsenal of legal levers, including in the international arena. And this is what we lack now," said the expert in the studio of the First Cossack channel.

According to the journalist, the campaign to collect signatures made it clear to the President that the problem is urgent, but after Lent the UOC needs to activate its supporters.

“When the situation with the COVID-19 epidemic calms down, we need to hold a religious procession to show the ‘living’ number of believers,” Molchanov emphasized. "It is a big mistake for the authorities to think that one can fight against the Church and that She will not answer."

Earlier, Molchanov said that people will be ready to come to the President's Office in person "in behalf of faith in God" if the authorities fail to hear them.

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