Metropolitan Anthony explains why politicians pass anti-church laws

Metropolitan Anthony answered journalists' questions about pressure on the UOC. Photo: a screenshot/ UOC Information Centre

The UOC Chancellor spoke about the motives and consequences of the adoption of anti-church laws by Ukrainian politicians.

On April 8, during a press breakfast at the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the UOC Chancellor of the UOC, Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary, explained why politicians in Ukraine pass laws against the UOC and what they can lead the state to.
Bills directed against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church contradict the Constitution and therefore have no right to life, Vladyka Anthony noted. These laws will definitely lead to destabilization in Ukrainian society.

According to Metropolitan Anthony, by passing anti-church laws, politicians hope to influence future elections and cover up economic setbacks.

He called on the authorities to serve the people of Ukraine responsibly.

“Politicians must realize that we are all temporary people in this life,” Metropolitan Anthony emphasized. “And political life also does not last long. I would like to emphasize that politicians are people who must serve the state. They should use all their strengths, abilities, levers of power that they have in order to think about the state."

The UOC Chancellor compared the state to a ship, the shipmaster of which are the politicians elected by the people.

“But one gets the impression that some politicians, instead of steering the ship, are hammering the bottom so that water can get in there,” the bishop noted. "But you need to understand that if the ship sinks, it will sink with everyone: not only with ordinary people but also with politicians."

Metropolitan Anthony stressed that the impulses of pressure on the Church are coming to Ukraine from abroad because the oppression of the UOC is not a political rather than religious issue.

“If the Lord blesses us to be patient, we will accept it as a cross,” Vladyka said. “This position is due to the fact that the main goal of the Church is not to be isolated on earth but to lead souls to eternity.

However, the believers of the UOC are also citizens of Ukraine, who are doing everything for its development,” the UOC Chancellor noted. Therefore, the Church will take all legal measures to ensure their rights.

As previously reported, “Servants of the People” are proposing to close religious organizations “for treason”.

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