Hierarch of Church of Greece: Church leadership betrayed Greek Orthodoxy

06 April 2021 12:22
Former Metropolitan Ambrosios of Kalavryta. Photo: romfea.gr Former Metropolitan Ambrosios of Kalavryta. Photo: romfea.gr

Former Metropolitan Ambrosios of Kalavryta believes that the closure of churches due to the coronavirus is a betrayal of the Orthodox faith.

The hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, former Metropolitan Ambrosios (Lenis) of Kalavryta and Aigialeia, said that the church leadership had betrayed Orthodoxy in Greece, reports the Romfea publication.

Speaking about the temples empty because of the coronavirus, Metropolitan Ambrosios said that blood was dripping from the eyes of his soul, and hot tears were flowing from the eyes of his body.

He believes that the reason the temples are empty is to change "the content of our faith."

“This means that the leadership of the Church has betrayed its mission! Yes, I will repeat: Orthodoxy in Greece was betrayed by its church administration, that is, by me and other high priests who make up the Holy Synod of the Greek Church," Vladyka emphasized.

He said that when he was a child and went through the dark years of occupation and civil war, he always saw how “in difficulties and life trials people fled to the Church to pray to God and the Mother of God”. Being faced up with hardships, “they performed vigils, liturgies, prayers , fasts and took part in the Holy Mysteries." "We tried to unite with God," said the bishop.

"So what has changed in the content of our faith? What is the betrayal of our Orthodoxy today in Greece and wherever it is done? Today, the leaders of Greece, political and ecclesiastical, unfortunately said to modern man: 'Man, the coronavirus is a great danger! It is very easily transmitted! You're in danger! So lock yourself in your house! Let go of God! Leave the Church! Leave the Virgin Mary! Leave your saints! Close up to be saved!'” Vladyka Ambrosios declared.

“Yet, this is a recipe for disaster! Because when a person closes himself to himself, he automatically moves away from God! ... For instead of all of us kneeling here in a crowded church and praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary, instead of pleading with the Lord, we are locked in our houses trying to live and survive without God! This is exactly the mistake we are facing today in Greece!” the Archpastor noted.

He turned to God with a request to forgive believers for this crime: "God, forgive us for this great crime! We are murderers of our Orthodox faith ... "

"We are coming out of the embrace of our Christ! Most Holy Theotokos, bring us back into your arms! Get us back on track! Make Greece again a country of people loyal to the true God!" Metropolitan Ambrosios finished.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that former Metropolitan Ambrosios also opposed the wearing of medical masks in the temple, which he called "the devil's tool".

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