Fr Alexander Klimenko: Phanar's actions have only harmed Ukraine so far

31 March 2021 13:46
Archpriest Alexander Klimenko. Photo: “Ukrainska Pravda” Archpriest Alexander Klimenko. Photo: “Ukrainska Pravda”

According to the clergyman of the UOC, the granting of the Tomos to the OCU is a strange way for Constantinople to declare its importance.

All the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople in Ukraine so far have brought only harm, and this is a fact. The priest of the UOC, Archpriest Alexander Klimenko, said this in an interview with “Ukrainska Pravda”.

The priest stated that even in those Churches that recognized the OCU, many clergy, bishops and monks believe that Constantinople intervened on another Church’s canonical territory, and “the fact that there was political pressure on many levels is obvious to us”.

At the same time, he stressed, there were no church reasons for such actions of the Phanar.

“Let's not forget that Constantinople – which, in fact, in Turkey itself has up to 5 thousand parishioners – is only such a historical form that now does not carry the grandeur of the past,” said Father Alexander. “As for me, perhaps this (issuing the Tomos to the OCU – Ed.) is a strange way to declare once again about its importance. Perhaps, these are the personal ambitions of Patriarch Bartholomew. But for me, it is a fact that all his actions in Ukraine have only brought harm so far."

According to the archpriest, "the creation of the OCU and this Tomos have brought harm to the Ukrainian unification," and the approval of violent actions against the UOC – the seizure of churches, the beating of believers, illegal re-registration of communities – "puts an end to the possibility of a quick dialogue".

As reported earlier, the UOC is against the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew to Ukraine.

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