Greek theologian: Bartholomew’s madness inflicted many wounds on Orthodoxy

30 March 2021 17:32
Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo: Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo:

The Greek priest believes that even if only one Church ultimately does not recognize the OCU, there will be a schism within Orthodoxy.

The famous Greek priest, theologian, publicist and head of the center for patristic publications in Athens, Protopresbyter John K. Diotis, stated that the insanity of Patriarch Bartholomew had inflicted a lot of wounds on World Orthodoxy.

The Orthodoxostypos edition published an article by Protopresbyter John, which appeared on the pages of the newspaper Κιβωτὸς τῆς Ὀρθοδοξίας (Ark of Orthodoxy) on March 11, 2021, with an analysis of the speech of Patriarch Bartholomew to a delegation of deputies of the Ukrainian parliament that visited Istanbul.

In the article, the priest emphasized that the “autocephaly” of the OCU "with the fake primate and fake Bishop Epiphany further exacerbated the schismatic ecclesiastical situation in Kyiv” and recalled that “10 Autocephalous Churches have been refusing to recognize the degenerate Kyiv church structure for more than two years now”.

He is confident that "even if only one Autocephalous Church ultimately does not recognize this structure, a split will exist within Orthodoxy, and the symbolic patriarchal autocephaly will not have power."

Protopresbyter John claims that the "painful situation" created by the granting of the Tomos to the OCU "was not only not corrected by the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew that betrayed the entire Church order and Tradition, but, having greatly deteriorated, remained an incurable acute wound for the communion of the entire Orthodox Church."

“The sad conclusion is that the patriarch’s insanity inflicted a lot of bloody wounds on the holy body of Orthodoxy,” the priest summed up.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the Greek priest and theologian John K. Diotis accused Patriarch Bartholomew of heresy.

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