Jerusalem hierarch: Acts of violence by OCU are abominable to the world

15 March 2021 15:30
Metropolitan Timothy (Margaritis) of Vostra. Photo: Romfea Metropolitan Timothy (Margaritis) of Vostra. Photo: Romfea

Shameful actions of the so-called OCU serve the interests of the enemies of the Orthodox Church and deepen the schism, said Metropolitan Timothy (Margaritis) of Vostra. 

Acts of violence and intolerance cause disgust and condemnation throughout the world, and it is even more shameful when members of the so-called OCU commit such acts. The hierarch of the Jerusalem Orthodox Church, Exarch of the Holy Sepulcher in Cyprus, Metropolitan Timothy (Margaritis) of Vostra said this after watching the film "Faithful: Hymn of Love", which tells about the fate of believers in the villages of Butyn and Kinakhivtsy.

“It is with sorrow that I have watched a documentary the other day about the persecution of priests and believers in Ukraine belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, about which I also have my own vision,” the hierarch said in a commentary published by the MP DECR on Sunday, March 14. "It is dreadful to imagine that people who claim to be Orthodox are so engulfed in hate that using violence they seize churches, break down doors, persecute their compatriots spiritually and physically, persecute them and divide the Church."

The Metropolitan noted that acts of violence and intolerance, from whatever side, cause disgust and condemnation with the entire world.

“This only proves that those involved in these actions are far from the Christian spirit and doctrine, which is characterized by love and mercy even towards enemies. It is even more shameful when this is done by members of the so-called OCU or on its behalf and with the participation of local authorities despite the fact that these actions are criminal, inciting hatred with the believers of the same Ukrainian nation,” he stressed.

In fact, Metropolitan Timothy added, such actions "serve the interests of the enemies of the Orthodox Church, deepen the schism, destroy bridges to reconciliation and spiritual development of Orthodox believers in Ukraine, where the UOC carries out its saving mission under the spiritual leadership of Metropolitan Onuphry, who is recognized by most Orthodox Churches." 

“Every truly believing person undoubtedly condemns such actions that are alien to the Christian spirit,” summed up the hierarch of the Jerusalem Orthodox Church.

Let us remind you that earlier Metropolitan Timothy of Vostra stressed that the entire Christian world loves and respects the Primate of the UOC, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry.

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