Expert: Authorities are afraid of protests and thus change their decisions

Ruslan Bortnik. Photo: screenshot of the video of First Cossack youtube channel

The church issue will be further stirred up in Ukraine, but the government can change its decision under the influence of protests, Ruslan Bortnik believes.

Ruslan Bortnik, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Politics, on the air of the Right to Faith program on the First Cossack youtube channel, said that the government takes heed of protests and changes its stance under their influence.

“Our government is sensitive to protests, it changes under the influence of protests, this was the case with the land (Law on Land – Ed.), REs (Law on Private Entrepreneurs – Ed.), Minsk Agreements. In our case, those groups that could help believers gather for religious processions are not ready to conflict with the president," Bortnik said.

According to Bortnik, the church "boat" will continue to be rocked in Ukraine, as it is necessary to divert attention from corruption and poverty.

“Servants of the People cannot boast of fighting corruption, hence the humanitarian issue remains fertile ground like enemies of the people, the church and the language. These issues will be actively stirred up within the Ukrainian society, since it is necessary to divert attention from corruption and poverty,” he added.

As the UOJ previously reported, if believers protested, there would be no anti-church laws

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