Expert: Authorities' attacks on UOC can provoke destabilization in country

19 February 2021 22:31
Ukrainian political expert and strategist Mikhail Pogrebinsky Ukrainian political expert and strategist Mikhail Pogrebinsky

The political expert admits that after the closure of the opposition media, attacks on the canonical Church may begin, which will entail serious conflicts.

The next step of the authorities, after the closure of opposition TV channels, may be attacks on the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the consequences of these actions will lead to the destabilization of the situation in the whole country, Ukrainian political expert and strategist Mikhail Pogrebinsky said on the air of “1Kozak”.

He believes that the Office of the President and Vladimir Zelensky himself may not fully realize what such actions could lead to: “If they understood that a confessional peace is needed, that the Church, which has the majority of parishes and believers, and so on, cannot be persecuted. It seems to me that they don't care."

Pogrebinsky believes that the President should be explained those “red lines” in relation to the Church that cannot be crossed, otherwise it will have global consequences for Ukraine: “Believers will resist. This (attacks on the Church – Ed.) will not be so easily done. And this is a very serious way to destabilize the situation in the country. I think that all this is possible, but it seems to me that there are some "red lines" that someone should explain to him (Zelensky – Ed.)."

As reported, the United States is interested in the religious deconstruction of traditional societies, therefore, the attack on the UOC will continue in our country, according to Ruslan Bortnik.

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