UN collects blacklists of those who criticize LGBT

The UN rights office is making “LGBT Hate Groups” blacklist. Photo: makfax.com.mk

The UN Rights Office is collecting the names of anyone who opposes the LGBT agenda in any way.

Politicians, religious leaders, and organizations from around the world who defend life and family will likely be put on a blacklist by the UN office for human rights. The drastic new measure may be used to impose sanctions on pro-family advocates and expose them to terrorist attacks, reports c-fam.org.

In the broadly worded prompt, the UN rights office asks for examples of “public expressions or statements by political and/or religious leaders” who challenge LGBT rights.

The UN rights office’s call for input denigrates defenders of life and family who dispute “gender ideology” as conspiracy theorists. It gives for granted that “gender theory” is not an ideology, but an unquestionable truth. The “meanings” attached to sex and gender are “socially constructed” it claims.

In contrast to this true gender theory, it asks for details of the “narratives” of pro-life and pro-family groups who oppose gender ideology. These narratives, the UN rights office claims are “used to fuel violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and their particular impact on sexual and reproductive rights.”

The UN rights office is especially focused on religions of pro-life and pro-family groups.

It asks for any “examples where the concept of gender has been used in religious narratives or narratives of tradition, traditional values or protection of the family” in opposition to new LGBT laws and policies.

The inputs provided to the UN rights office will be used in the next report of the United Nations independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

As reported earlier, representatives of LGBT people in Kyiv consider the "main Churches" as their major enemy.

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