Predictably: Zoria assures that Moscow is to blame for scandals within OCU

Ivan (Eustratiy) Zoria. Photo: Glavcom

The spokesperson for the OCU believes that the scandals around the "hierarchs" Kulik and Drabinko are "a classic operation of the Russian special service".

Ivan (Eustratiy) Zoria believes that the scandals around the “hierarchs” of the OCU Adrian Kulik and Alexander (Drabinko) are an operation of the Russian special services, the purpose of which is to split Ukraine. Zoria posted a quote from one of the resources close to the OCU with the text of the relevant content on his Facebook page with the comment “accurate analysis”.

The original publication claims that the negative public reaction to Adrian Kulik's call to label "Ukraine's internal enemies" as "rootless dogs", as well as the publication of Alexander's (Drabinko) intimate correspondence on the Net, is an operation of the Russian special services against the OCU. The authors argue that the closure of opposition television channels "Zik", "Newsone" and "112" prevented the full-scale implementation of this operation.

At the same time, pro-schismatic resources note that the information about Drabinko was first published by "5 Channel", owned by Petro Poroshenko, and the Lviv resource "Varta", which claims that the publication of Drabinko's correspondence could have been organized by Sergey (Epiphany) Dumenko. Drabinko himself is currently figuring out whether the “hierarchs” of the OCU were involved in the actions against him.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that Adrian Kulik urged to mark “those who do not love Ukraine” “as homeless/rootless dogs”.

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